Domesday Book

 Entry for Shalfleet and Hamstead

The same Joscelin holds SHALFLEET. Eadric held it TRE, and it was then assessed at 6 hides; now at 3 hides and half a virgate. There is land for 14 ploughs. In demesne are 2 [ploughs]; and 14 villans and 19 bordars with 9 ½ ploughs.

There is a mill rendering 11d , and 4 acres of meadow. There is a church, [and] woodland for 20 pigs.

Of this land, Geoffrey holds 2 ½ virgates, and there is 1 plough with 2 villans and 1 bordar; and Turgis half a hide, Leof 1 hide. These have 2 ploughs in demesne; and 2 villans and 2 bordars with half a plough. The whole, TRE and afterwards, was worth 20l ; now 15l amongst them all.

The same William (fitzAzor) holds half a hide in HAMSTEAD , and Nigel [holds] of him. Ælfric held it in parage. [It was] then, as now, [assessed] at half a hide. There is land for 1 plough, and there is [1 plough] with 2 villans and 2 bordars. It is and was worth 20s.

This is a transcript  from a Document held in the National Archives .

Shalfleet Sources

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22 April 2007