Kelly's Guide to the Isle of Wight 1904


Shalfleet is a parish and village, about 4 miles east from Yarmouth and 6 west from Newport, in the West Medina liberty, rural deanery of West Wight, archdeaconry of the Isle of Wight and diocese of Winchester. The Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport railway has a station at Ningwood, about a mile from the village. The church (not, dedicated) is an ancient stone structure, chiefly in the early English style with traces of Norman having chancel, navel south aisle, with north and south porches (the former containing some curious stone carving), and low, square, embattled western tower and spire containing 2 bells, which has been considered of Saxon architecture, but the decorated facia, with ornamental work running round it, prove it to Norman, which style may be traced in several parts of the structure; a new organ was added in 1888 at the cost of about £300 : the church which was thoroughly restored in 1890, has 350 sittings. The register dates from the year 1604. The living is a vicarage, average tithe rent-charge £147, net £125, with residence and 5 acres of glebe, in the gift of the' Lord Chancellor, and held since 1892 by the Rev. Charles Commeline Shute M. A. of Trinity College, Dublin. Here are places of worship for Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists and Baptists. This parish contains three manors, viz. Shalfleet, Ningwood, a mile and a half west, and Wellow, 2 miles south-west, Sir John Stephen Barrington Simeon bart. M.P., D.L., J.P. of Swainston, Newport, is the lord of the manor of Shalfleet, and Lord Heytes­bury J.P. lord oaf the manor of Wellow and Miss Penethorne, part owner of Ningwood. The principal landowners tire Lord Heytesbury, Sir John Stephen Barrington Simeon bart. M.P., D.L., J.P. and W. G. Ward esq. The chief crops are wheat, barley and turnips. The area is 6,310 acres of stiff clay, sand and woodland and 361 of water and foreshore rateable value £5,160; the population in 1891 was 887, including part of Newtown, Calbourne; part of Shalfleet, with a population of 153, was transferred, March 24th 1889 to Calbourne and another portion annexed to Brook.

WELLOW is a mile south-west and NINGWOOD 1 mile west.

NEWBRIDGE is a hamlet

Sexton, Thomas Hollis

POST, M. O. O. & S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.—Thomas Hollis, sub-post­master. Letters arrive from Yarmouth (R. S. O.) at 9.10 & 11.40 a.m. & 3.15 p.m. & are dispatched at 5.30 p.m. on weekdays; 10.45 a. m. on sundays. The nearest telegraph office is at Calbourne. WALL BOX, Ningwood, cleared 4.55 p.m; sundays, 11.25 a.m. POST OFFICE, Wellow - Mrs. Short, sub-postmistress. Cleared at 5.30 p.m, ; sundays, 11.50 a.m. ; Postal Orders issued but not paid.


Astley Capt, Dodpits house [letters through Yarmouth]

Bright. Henry, Ningwood

Collins Frank, Rest-a-Wyle [letters through Yarmouth]

Collins William J. Holme Lynn, [letters through Yarmouth]

Cottle Ernest Wyndham, Ningwood house

De Morgan Jocelyn, Bouldnor

Fowle John, Bouldnor

Nicholson William Smith M.A., J.P. Eastmore

Penethorne Miss, Hamstead

Preedy James, Downs View, Wellow

Shotter Miss

Shute Rev. Charles Commeline M.A. [vicar], Vicarage

Towerden James, Quarry house

Woodford Cass, John, Spring Hill ho. Newbridge


Ablett George H. dairyman, Lee

Ablitt George, dairyman, Ningwood

Baker Charles Jas. farmer, Churchill's Farm

Baker Edward. farmer, Shalcombe

Baker Walter, shopkeeper, Newbridge

Baker Wm. Attrill dairy farmer, Ningwood

Brett James, dairyman, Ningwood

Biddlecombe James, dairyman, Lucketts farm

Brown James, farmer, Chessell farm

Buckler Henry, baker

Bundy Hubert, dairyman, Ningwood

Cooke Chas. Wm. dairyman, Mount Pleasant

Cooper Leonard, farmer, Upper Lee

Cousins Charles J. shopkeeper, Newbridge

Drake & Short (Mrs.), shopkeepers, dairymen, & post office, Wellow

Drake Maurice, carrier, Wellow

Fiander William, dairyman, Providence place, Ningwood

Fowle John, architect & surveyor, Bouldnor

Greenen Wallace, dairyman & carter, Hamstd

Harvey Alfred Baker, farmer, Ningwood Manor Farm

Harvey Jn. Wm. farmer. Palmer’s farm, Ningwood

Hollis George, farmer, Lower Hamstead

Hollis Thomas, post office

Jackman Jacob, builder, Newbridge

Jolliffe Mark, dairyman, Ningwood

Kingswell George A. farmer & assistant over­seer, Wallow & Hartshole farms

Mears Charles Robert, New Inn

Morey William Henry, dairyman Little Chessell [letters through Calbourne]

Mussell James, apartments, Millbank cottage

Newbury David, Pitts farm. Ningwood

Newbury Joseph, carrier, Wellow

Newbury William, market gardener, Wellow

Paul Edward, farmer, Shalfleet Manor farm

Phillips James, farmer, Lower Hamstead

Pope Cornelius, dairyman Ningwood

Priddle Luke, farmer, Dodpits farm

Ranger Samuel, Station master, Ningwood

Rashley Charles, dairyman, Pond farm ,

Reynolds Percy, Horse and Groom P.H. & carrier, Ningwood

Sargeant  Ellen (Miss), Shopkeeper

Saunders Matthew, Miller (water), Shalfleet mill

Sawyer William Josiah Sun Inn, Wellow

Short Mrs. sub-postmistress, Wellow

Smith Walter, dairyman, Hamstead lodge, Ningwood

Trott Albert, farmer, Wellow

Trowbridge Chas, dairyman, Bouldnor dairy

Trowbridge Harry, farmer, Little Bouldnor farm

Truman George, brick maker, The Mount, Ningwood

Twyman James, shopkeeper, Newbridge

Wake Alfred, cattle dealer, Wellow

Whittington, William, dairyman, Shalfleet

Wood ford Cass John, relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths for Calbourne district, Spring Hill house, Newbridge

Woodford Frank Jas. farmer, Warlands farm

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