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SHALFLEET is a pleasant village on the banks of a rivulet, which falls into Newtown creek. It is on the high road between Newport and Yarmouth, six miles W. of the former, and four miles E. of the latter. Its parish contains 1245 souls, and 6623 acres of land, extending two miles northward to the Solent Sea, and four miles southward to the southern shore of the Isle of Wight, where it terminates in a narrow strip near Sodmere Point. It comprises the scattered hamlets and farms called NINGWOOD, HULVEBSTONE, Hamstead, NEWBRIDGE, WELLOW, Chessell, Boldner, PORCHFIELD, Dodpits, &c. Sir John Simeon, Bart., is lord of the manor of Shalfleet. John Pennethorne, Esq., is owner and occupier of Hamstead Farm, which comprises about 1000 acres of land that was brought into high cultivation from a state approaching to sterility, about 60 years ago, when the large farm house was erected by the late J. Nash, Esq. Hamstead House, the seat of J. Pennethorne, Esq., is a large neat mansion, commanding extensive views across the Solent Sea, into the New Forest, &c, He is also lord of the manor of Ningwood, or Lingwood, which is a mile S.W. of Shalfleet. West of it is the manor of Wellow, which belongs to the Wyatt family, Chessell belongs to the Hon. Wm, H. A..A'Court-Holmes, and upon its Down are several barrows, or tumuli, where many Saxon relics have been found.. Wm. Way, Esq., W. G. Ward, Esq., and several other freeholders, have estates in the parish. Shalfleet Church is an ancient structure, mostly in the Early English style, with a low but massive Norman tower, which has been crowned by a short wooden spire. The porch is of Norman architecture, embellished with a rude sculpture of a Bishop. The vicarage, valued in; KB,at 12. 2s. 3d,. and now at 210, is in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, and incumbency of the Rev. Ths. Cottle, M.A. The Parish School, at Ningwood, was built in 1850, at the cost of 750. There is a Baptist Chapel at Wellow; an Independent Chapel at Porchfield; a Primitive Methodist Chapel at Ningwood ; and a Bible Christian Chapel at Newbridge.


4, WELLOW; 5, PORCHFIELD; 6, HULVERSTONE; and the rest in Shalfleet Village, or where stated,

5 Arnold Isaac, builder

6 Barrett Emma, schoolmrs

Barton James, gentleman

Buckler Edward, baker

Pretyman Mrs Dorothy Jane, Boldner

Salter Joseph, mason

5 Saunders Dd. timber dlr.

2 Thorn Maria, school

Way Wm., Esq., Dodpits

3 Wheeler Wm. parish clerk

2      Woodford John, relieving

officer and registrar


3      Horse and Groom, Harriet Whittington

New Inn, Wm. Shotter, (and salt maker)

4     Sun Inn, Daniel Long


3 Cottle Rev Thos., M.A., vicar, Ningwood House

Daw Mrs, Prospect House

Hollis Thos. tailor & sexton


3 Baker Hy.

6 Booker Geo.

Baker Wm. Chuchills

Cheverton Rd.


Drayton James Wm. Fiander Wm. Eades farm

4 Green John Charles

3 Hills Chas.

3 Morris Dnl.

3 Hills George, Chessel farm

3 Lock Robt. sen. and jun.

Orchard Wm. Lee farm

3   Rolf My. Watchingwell

4      Saunders David

Tomkins Jno. Overton

Way Wm. Dodpits

3 Jenkins Jno. & Mrs, school

Pennethorne Jno.,Esq.,

Hamstead House

3 Wheeler Wm


4 Cooper E.

2      Thorn Wm. and Saml.


3      Chessell J.

4      Phillips J.


2      Ablitt Wm.

5      Arnold Isc.

2 Baker Jas.

3 BuckettWm

3      Hodges Jas,

4      Long Danl.

Sargeant  Eliz .

3 WheelerJno

2 Whittington Edward


& Carpenters.

5 Arnold Isc.

4 Baskem Bj.

3 Marks Jas.

4 Salter Fdk

6 Trickett Rd

2 Woodford R.

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