Shalfleet Census 1861

R.G.9 662

The papers for this census do not detail the areas covered. I have attempted to work them out from the properties listed, although one District (three) does not show any.

District 1 - The area north of the main road from Bouldnor to Shalfleet Mill Stream.

District 2 - The area south of the main road from Ningwood to Shalfleet Mill Stream, north along the Mill Stream to Newbridge, north side of the Newbridge to Dodpits (not included) and then back to the Ningwood to Shalfleet road.

District 3 - This is probably the area between the Dodpits to Thorley road and the Bouldnor to Yarmouth Road

District 4 - The area south of the Dodpits to Thorley road

District 5 - The north part of Newbridge, Chessel, Brook Green and Hulverstone

District 6 - This covers the detached part of the parish around Watchingwell and the Porchfield part of Calbourne parish

Calbourne District 7 - This covers the area east of the Mill Stream, Shalfleet (in Calbourne Parish) together with Locks Green  (also Calbourne Parish). Newtown is also included but has not been transcribed.

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Strays - People detailed in the census as being born in Shalfleet, but living off the Isle of Wight.

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