Shalfleet Local and Family History Sources

This page contains items which will be of interest to those researching their family history in Shalfleet

This is a long term project, so progress may be slow. Please bear in mind that Parish boundaries change. For example, Shalfleet Parish did not include properties east of the Mill Stream, they were part of Calbourne, but it does include Porchfield and Chessel, now part of Calbourne and Hulverstone, now part of Brighstone.

Map of Island Parishes (Isle of Wight Records Office)

Recent research has recently determined that the current ecclesiastical parish boundary remains remarkably similar, with the exception of the loss of that part of Porchfield, which formed part of Newtown Parish when it was established. It now differs markedly from the civil parish. A map of the ecclesiastical parish may be seen here.


These are transcripts of various census for Shalfleet. These have been transcribed by myself and whilst I take no responsibility for their accuracy, I hope am fairly confident that they are in the main correct. 

I have used the boundary of Shalfleet parish shown on the map above, which shows the parish until the mid 1880's when certain parts were incorporated into Calbourne and Brook.. I am also including that part of the current village east Mill Stream, which was at that time part of Calbourne parish. 








I am now adding 'strays' to the census data. This includes those detailed in the census as being born in Shalfleet but not living on the Isle of Wight. Those living elsewhere on the Island are not included.

The Hampshire Telegraph of the 11th May 1861 gives and indication of the problems and possible inaccuracies in census data:

"The census is not yet completed in the Island, owing to the stupidity of some of the country enumerators, who persist in misreading the headings of the different columns, and which has prevented the registrar from completing the necessary schedule."

Parish Records

This is a transcription of Shalfleet Parish Records. It now include Marriages 1604 (the earliest date available) -1837 (start of compulsory registration), Baptisms 1607 -1837 and Burials 1695 - 1837. Data before 1695 is still incomplete.

Shalfleet Parish Records


Extracts from newspapers about Shalfleet, also including Calbourne and Newtown Parishes

1800 - 1830

1831 - 1840

Other Sources

* New* Officers Serving at Newtown Coast Guard Station 1821 - 1866

Hearth Tax 1664 - 1674

Churchwardens accounts and Parish Rate 1800

Parish Poor Rate 1821

White's Directory 1859

Shalfleet Paupers 1868

Shalfleet Parish Rate 1896

Kelly's Directory 1904

Rectors/Vicars of Shalfleet

Shalfleet Role of Honour  

Those who died during the Wars

Early Names from Shalfleet

This include names from archives 1527 -1830

Domesday Book

Shalfleet Loyal Volunteers Monthly Pay List and Return for April 1801

Shalfleet Loyal Volunteers was a force set up as a sort of Home Guard during 

the Napoleonic War and appears to have operated from 1798 to 1802

Shalfleet History

An extract from: The History of the Isle of Wight by Richard Worsley 1781

Extract from 'A history of the County of Hampshire  (Outside site)

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Note: These pages are my transcriptions of original documents, they are accurate to the best of my ability but I do not take any responsibility for errors. This information is for personal use only. This is very much a solo effort, so if anybody is willing to further validate the records (which will involve visiting the Newport Records Office) please let me know.

14 December 2008